Birthday Parties


1. Farm Party at the farm – this includes you renting the entire farm for 2 1/2 hours. You get the petting zoo for the entire party, the pony rides for the first hour, a hay ride, unlimited train rides, the tire swings, duck races, corn bins, horse shoe pits, roping dummies and anything else that we have at the farm. There are covered picnic tables that we put table cloths on for your party. We do have a refrigerator and a freezer if you need it. The cost of the farm party is $275. This price includes up to 20 kids, adults are not counted in that number. Please call for pricing for groups larger than 20 kids.

2. The traveling pony party or petting zoo is done by the hour and there is no cost


for travel if you are in the Colorado Springs/Widefield/Fountain area. The cost is $175/hr. The pony party consists of us bringing two ponies, one to ride and one to decorate. The petting zoo consists of goats, sheep, mini pony, mini donkey, llama, and a bunny. We bring our own pen and the kids can enjoy brushing and petting the animals.

3.  Our newest option is a combination petting zoo and pony party.  We will bring a full petting zoo and a pony to ride.  The cost of this is $250/hr.

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